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Songwriting & Composing Assessment Service

SONGWRITING - It is important for songwriters, composers, lyricists and performing songwriters to have a market direction in respect to their songwriting and/or performances. Through the Song Assessment Service, Guild members have the opportunity to have their own (and co-written works with other Guild members) songs, lyrics and instrumental themes assessed and analysed free of charge

The Guild gives opinions and advice as to the commercial value of songs, lyrics and instrumental themes. The Guild offers advice on promotion and the chance of success in obtaining a music publishing deal, record deal, management deal, development deal, and can further advise on self-music publishing and the self-release of records, video and DVDs. 

All songs, lyrics and instrumental themes sent to the Song Assessment Service are analysed free of charge by A & R personnel in the Guilds associated music publishing company and a written assessment is given. The songwriting song assessment service is free to all members.

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